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The Story

Cesar Blanco

"It’s not my cuts that are Flawless. It’s my faith, work ethic & business skills that are Flawless. That’s where the Blanco’s Flawless Cuts derives from."

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Cesar Blanco

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Cesar Blanco (C.E.O and Master Barber at Blanco’s

Flawless cuts & Barber School)


has been influencing the barber industry since 2011. At that time no one knew the name Blanco. His city (Dallas, Tx) and hometown (Carrollton, Tx) distinguished him as another barber. Little did they know, Blanco was living a lavish latino lifestyle that the industry and his city knew nothing about. 


He introduced his way of life to the barber culture and created a massive wave for up and coming barbers in his hometown. In 2015 Blanco opened up his first Barbershop (Dallas,Tx) and following up with a second location in 2016 in his hometown. In 2018 he established his barber School which is also in Carrollton, Tx.


Blanco has created over 50 different strategies to promote

& market his barbershops, school & brand and consequently taking high volume clientele, walk-ins & celebrities at all his locations including the barber school.


“N​o better feeling than having a family member from another country comes into town & they praise the movement that was presented at a barbershop in their local country or when you are contacted  on social media, search engines saying that they have created a page for you or given you free filters because of our high demand, especially after just 3yrs of being independent.​” - Blanco


He says this with a confident smile & knowing that he has overcome the odds & prevailed. Blanco comes from an immigrant family & like many immigrant, he fell into drugs & crime at a very young age.


 “I don’t regret my past for the simple fact that without the opposition,

God would have never had the chance to shine and inspire through me.​”


When you see him in action, he is a purpose driven barber and his work ethic is unheard of. As he always says - 


“It’s not my cuts that are flawless. It’s my faith, work ethic & business skills that are flawless. That’s where the Blanco’s flawless cuts derives from. ​”


Blanco is a master educator and plans on sharing his skills with the youth & so they may not give their families the same heartaches he gave his. He wants to see his students succeed at a young age & not be a product of the cities or towns negative environment. 


In 2019 Blanco plans on opening up two more schools and

10 barber shops nationwide. His goal is to create more

jobs for his army of organic barbers that he self cultivates like those of Paul Mitchell Ogle, Tony & Guy & many more hairstyling industry moguls and phenomenons.

Cutting hair is a form of art, we at Blancos Flawless Cuts, love to create different forms of art everyday. We build a life long relationship and bond with our customers. We offer the best cuts in the area with a discount to our CFB students. There is laughter from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave. We look forward to see you at one of our Locations.

Coming soon we will have our Flawless Clothing line in both locations as well as online. Thank you for supporting the Blancos Flawless Family.

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