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We are #1 In Texas.

We are #1 In Dallas Tx

About Our School

We are the most Searched Mom & Pop Barber

brand on Google in Dallas Tx.

We are the 1st School to hold Barber Battles w/Famous Barber.

We are the first Barber School owned/Operated By an Established Master Barber.

We are the First True Hands-on Barber School.

We are the only School

that offers Job placement

either with one of our

Barbershops or  with a

barbershop allie of ours.

We have the Most

Updated Information and 


We are the most known

for networking worldwide 

with the best Barbers.

We are a multiracial

Establishment which

is great to learn how

to do different

style cuts.

We teach people of all 

ages ranging from

Private lessons for

14 yr. old kids to adults 18,20,25,35,45,55 We are a no b/s BarberSchool and Barber Shop.

We are focused on giving you the best cut and

the best training at the Best Price at the best Time.

We are #1 When it comes to authenticity

and flexibility of our Establishments and our

flawless cuts in an Urban/Latino Environment that can be fancy and bougiewhen desired by                                               offering hot towel                                                     shaves, facials as well                                              as Black Mask.

                                        See you Soon!!! 


Blanco's Flawless Cuts

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